At last – we've beaten winter

At long last it looks like Spring is on its way.  The sea temperature seems to be moving in the right direction, the air temperature has become milder and the icy Siberian east wind has gone back to Siberia where it belongs. My Seabrook Seal swimming buddies and I...

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All this cold water torture has been for a reason!

When I started to realise how painful swimming in cold water was, and how much I dread it every time - that walk down the beach towards the icy depths is horrendous - I decided a higher purpose might help me get in and enjoy the suffering. So, ladies and gentlemen, I...

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Inside the mind of an ice swimmer

People ask what it feels like to swim in cold water.  Here's a link to a blog post written on Christmas Eve 2012 by Paul Duffield who the day before had swum an ice mile.  His swim, in 5degC water lasted 38 minutes and I can only manage about 15-20 in those...

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Gotta love a run in the snow… and a swim

The two times I've been down to the sea this week it was in the hope it might snow while I was down there. Obviously it would be exciting to swim in the sea while it's snowing, but it's also the ultimate way to demonstrate in a photo that we really are swimming in...

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Enquiries and appointments

07764 189516


Call or text for more information


£50 per one hour session
(£45 for Winchester and District Athletics Club (WADAC) members)

Clinic hours

Daytime: Monday to Friday, from 6:15am

Evenings: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays    up to 7pm


What People Are Saying

Lou provided excellent massage and advice as part of preparations for my first 100 mile ultramarathon. With her help I was able to train harder and more consistently than ever before and I firmly believe that our regular massage sessions prepared me so that I was able to recover so well after the event. Because Lou is an accomplished endurance athlete herself this really helps her understand her clients’ needs. Grant Vernon

Ultra Runner

Lou’s pleasant personality exudes friendliness and warmth making you feel welcome yet with adequate professional respectfulness. As a patient one feels reassured of her care and empathy. Her conduct as a valuable and efficient therapist cannot be doubted. Gunnel Berry

Chartered Physiotherapist