Lou Walker Sports Massage

Experienced, friendly sports massage therapist near Alresford and Winchester

Sports massage helps maximise your body’s ability to perform, recover and relax. You don’t have to be an athlete to benefit.
Sports Massage Winchester - Lou Walker

Sports massage is for every body…

Sports Massage injury treatment

For injured bodies

  • Optimise recovery from injury
  • Improve range and ease of movement
  • Manage long-term injuries to keep you moving

Sports Massage to relax

For bodies that want to be at their best

  • Counteract the effects of a sedentary lifestyle
  • Feel relaxed, energised and ready for anything
  • Reap the rewards of pilates, yoga and any activity

Sports Massage Winchester - WADAC

For sporty bodies

  • Be in top condition for events
  • Prevent niggles becoming injuries
  • Recover from tough training sessions so you’re ready for more

Sports Massage for aches and tension

For tense, achy bodies

  • Alleviate pain from stress-related and postural problems
  • Break the cycle of pain, tension, more pain, more tension
  • Regain the freedom and lightness of pain-free movement

About Sports Massage

Not just for athletes, sports massage is a range of manipulation and stretch techniques to help the body perform, recover and relax.

About Lou

I am sports massage therapist based near Winchester and Alresford. I qualified in 2009 with a Diploma in Sports Massage from the Southern School of Massage Therapy.

Essential Info

What to expect, what it costs, where I’m based and other FAQs.



Enquiries and appointments

07764 189516


Call or text for more information


£50 per one hour session
(£45 for members of both Winchester Running Club and Winchester & District Athletics Club members)

Clinic hours

Daytime: Monday to Friday, from 7am

Last appointment: 5pm

What people are saying

Lou was brilliant. She really focused on the areas I was feeling the tension in – stretching and massaging and checking in to see how things were feeling for me. After treatment I felt a lot looser, lighter and more relaxed. Thank you!


You worked wonders in my legs.  Needed at sub 1:37 for New York. Ran 1:36.46 at Gosport today.  Thank you so much!

Susan B

Lou provided excellent massage and advice as part of preparations for my first 100 mile ultramarathon. With her help I was able to train harder and more consistently than ever before and I firmly believe that our regular massage sessions prepared me so that I was able to recover so well after the event. Because Lou is an accomplished endurance athlete herself this really helps her understand her clients’ needs. Grant

I am so happy Lou is round the corner. She is fabulous: kind, strong, knowledgeable and an early riser so I can go to her before work. I have had lots of massages/masseurs – she is the most effective so far by far

Sophie A

I’ve been having massages with Lou for 8 years and always felt better as a result, both before and after racing. She’s a very friendly expert and you can always guarantee restored legs and spirits after a session.

James M

Lou’s pleasant personality exudes friendliness and warmth making you feel welcome yet with adequate professional respectfulness. As a patient one feels reassured of her care and empathy. Her conduct as a valuable and efficient therapist cannot be doubted. Gunnel

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