Friday 13th March

In light of developments with coronavirus, like you I’m keen to do what I can to arrest/manage the virus’s spread. At the moment, as long as you haven’t been to any areas with an outbreak and you are showing no symptoms at all, we should be ok to continue. However the situation and advice changes frequently so do email me for updates.  I will update this page as advice changes.

Meanwhile, please cancel your massage if:

  • you have any cough, cold or flu-like symptoms at all, even if you are recovering (which I’d always ask people to do with any illness)
  • if you have been to any of the countries involved, whether or not you have symptoms
  • if anyone you live or work with has been asked to self isolate
  • if you’ve been in contact with people recently returned from Italy or any of the other key countries.

For my part, I will continue to wash down every surface after every client with antibacterial cleaner and alcohol wipes. This includes the cardreader, light switches and door handles. Pillow cases will of course be fresh for each client. I’ll invite you to wash your hands here before and after your massage and of course I will continue to wash my hands before and after each client.



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