Tuesday 14th: back in operation, part-time

I have added information to this site which I hope will inform and reassure you about the steps I’ve taken to make sports massage as safe as possible for you and me.

Please see the Essential Info page where text in red will take you to Covid-related information.

Sunday 12th July

We now have the go ahead to start massaging again from Monday 13th July.  I will be opening up my clinic, mornings only, from Wednesday 15th.

Systems and protocols have changed to minimise Covid risk. I will probably space out appointments in the early days to make sure all the new systems and procedures work to keep clients, me and my family safe. Please email me to find out more.

It’ll be great to see clients again!


Wednesday 17th June

Still no definite date for our return to massaging. However, there is more news on changes we might need to make.  In addition to the ones listed in my last post, here are a few more things we’ll need to consider:

  •  to minimise risk to my family from people visiting my home, I’m considering running morning-only clinics
  • I am likely to need to take your temperature each time and record it
  • There will be changes/additions to the information I hold about your health. GDPR regulations are still applicable.
  • You’ll need to bring your own pen and water!

I have done a couple of online courses to familiarise myself with every bit of advice and relevant legislation and want to reassure clients that I will take every step to make you feel comfortable and safe.  However, it’s possible some types of treatment might not be advisable in some circumstances.

Lastly, like a lot of therapists, I’m also having to consider raising my prices. This would be to cover the increased costs involved with buying new uniforms, PPE, furniture, sanitizing and cleaning materials and leaving 30 mins between clients to deep clean and air the room.

I’m expecting more news in the next week or so so will update this page.

Not long now!




Friday 29th May

News on reopening for massage: not quite yet, but we’re getting closer.

People are obviously feeling the need because I’ve had increasing numbers of people getting in touch to ask if I’m massaging yet. The best estimate is ‘early July’.

There’s a lot to think about with restarting and I have to be honest… some of the new conditions we’ll have to work with are quite daunting.

I might have to take and record your temperature, there’s new guidance about who is contraindicated for massage over the age of 70 and I might have to work with gloves and full PPE, although that’s not certain yet. Personally I think good handwashing might be better than gloves but we’ll have to see what we’ll be required to do. And I’m a one man band rather than a busy clinic which might make a difference as clients won’t have to come into contact with other people. However, we’re working in my home which raises risk for my family so that’s part of the mix.

A few things will definitely happen:
– I’ll ask you to bring your own towels
– I already have a big, lidded plastic box for you to put all your belongings in and it’ll be distinfected between clients
– Masks will be part of the picture for both of us especially if you’re lying face up with me working around your head and shoulders.

Will be back with more news when I’ve got it! Meanwhile, stay safe.


Thursday 19th March

I’m afraid that as of this morning my professional association, the Sports Massage Association, has advised that all massage therapy stops. I’ve contacted everyone I’d due to see over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, I will be offering remote consultations for anyone who has musculo-skeletal or health concerns. I’m a registered health coach and at a time when we’re all trying to stay as healthy as possible, access to reasonably-priced advice or coaching to talk things through will be invaluable. I’ll update this page with details about online consultations in the next couple of days. Meanwhile you can find out more about health coaching at

Friday 13th March

In light of developments with coronavirus, like you I’m keen to do what I can to arrest/manage the virus’s spread. At the moment, as long as you haven’t been to any areas with an outbreak and you are showing no symptoms at all, we should be ok to continue. However the situation and advice changes frequently so do email me for updates.  I will update this page as advice changes.

Meanwhile, please cancel your massage if:

  • you have any cough, cold or flu-like symptoms at all, even if you are recovering (which I’d always ask people to do with any illness)
  • if you have been to any of the countries involved, whether or not you have symptoms
  • if anyone you live or work with has been asked to self isolate
  • if you’ve been in contact with people recently returned from Italy or any of the other key countries.

For my part, I will continue to wash down every surface after every client with antibacterial cleaner and alcohol wipes. This includes the cardreader, light switches and door handles. Pillow cases will of course be fresh for each client. I’ll invite you to wash your hands here before and after your massage and of course I will continue to wash my hands before and after each client.



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